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III Всемирная конференция ООН
по уменьшению опасности бедствий

Доклады представителей МЧС России

Risk Identification and Assessment
Lessons of mega disasters - earthquakes and tsunami
Underlying Risk Factors (HFA)
Local risks of communities
Economic Considerations of Disaster Risk Reduction
Land-Use Planning for DRR
Measuring and Reporting Progress
Food Security, Disaster Resilient Agriculture and Nutrition
Standards for Disaster Risk Reduction Including Building Codes
В.А. Акимов
О.В. Баженов
Transboundary risks of catastrophes. Insurance of the risks of the emergency cases
Reducing the risk of epidemics and pandemics
The program of school safety
The implementation of financial and material reserves in the organization of urgent response in case of emergency
"Safe City” firmware complex for the Integrated Safety System
The Development of the Due Warning Systems of Emergencies in the Russian Federation
Application of Modern Technologies for Urgent Response Actions
C.Л. Диденко
Global threats: asteroid and cometary danger 
Natural and technogenic disasters: ecosystems management and stability
А.И. Лось
Н.П. Лаверов
Safe Schools, Resilient Students
Integrated management of the water resources as a disaster control tool
М.В. Селиверстова
Status and development of Russian tsunami warning  system
А.Т. Даниелян
Аpplying science and technology to DRR decision-making
Reducing disaster risk to alleviate poverty
Governance development and planning
В.М. Шершаков
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